IMPORTANT: You May Be Eligible for a Refund from The Pet Zone

Because of a recent settlement, you may be entitled to a refund of veterinary bills under the Pet Lemon Law if you bought a pet after January 1, 2014, and that pet became sick and/or was found to be “unfit for sale.”

The New York State Office of the Attorney General has reached a settlement with The Pet Zone. As part of the settlement, The Pet Zone (AKA Bell Pet) agreed to provide restitution for veterinary bills up to the total amount paid for the pet (tax included), if that pet became sick and/or was deemed “Unfit for Sale” by a veterinarian.

Specifically, if you

• received a certification from a licensed veterinarian that the animal was unfit for purchase due to illness or the presence of symptoms of a contagious infectious disease within 14 days of sale; or

• received certification from a licensed veteriarian that the animal was unfit for purchase due to a congenital malformation which adversely affected the health of the animal within 180 calendar days after sale or receipt of the animal;

you will qualify for a refund of your veterinary bills up to the total cost of the pet.

Make your claim today, the claims period closes January 6, 2024.

To apply for a refund, visit, click “Apply for a Refund,” and enter your name, and contact information.

If you have any questions, you may call The Pet Zone at 1-941-787-4005 or send an email to: [email protected]


Apply for a Refund

Please read the notification on this page to see if you may qualify. If you do please fill out the form below to apply for a refund.